Valio Con 2013


June 6th - 9th


Catamaran Resort
San Diego, California


Design & Development

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Learn From These Great Folks

Kerem Suer

Kerem is a designer of digital products who previously designed interfaces for a little health gadget called Fitbit. He is currently running his own design studio 34 West Co.

Josh Long

Josh is a Designer and writer. He is currently the Editor at Treehouse, the author of Execute book and Jenius book, and also co-founder of Execute Ventures.

Dean Bradshaw

Dean is a commercial advertising photographer and image maker based in Southern California. He deals in conceptual, high-impact imagery.

Tim Van Damme

Tim started as a freelance webdesigner in Belgium, moved to Austin, TX to join Gowalla and focus on mobile, and is currently designing interfaces for the Instagram team at Facebook.

Todd Garland

Todd created and bootstrapped BuySellAds from a nights & weekends project to the Inc500 and beyond. He’s working hard to bring advertisers and publishers high-quality tools.

John Collision

John is the co-founder of Stripe, a tool for accepting payments online. John grew up in Ireland and tried to become a physicist before dropping out to start Stripe.

Craig Henry

Craig is a Boston-based designer and illustrator who focusses his work around the exploration of lines, light, color and texture.

Josh Hemsley

Josh is the Creative & Product Lead at MyEnergy. He previously started Fixel, and over spends his additional time designing and helping start-ups, most notably Sevenly.

Dann Petty

Dann is a freelance Creative Director in San Francisco, CA. Formally a designer at Obvious Corp, he's now back at home focusing on creating his own product.

Aubrey Johnson

Aubrey is a Designer in Residence at Science Media, a VC firm in Santa Monica, CA and designer for YC backed Authy. Previously he led design teams at Twilio and Color.

Julia Kostreva

Julia is a graphic designer/illustrator in San Francisco. She is currently designing and selling products ranging from stationery to homewares.

Sam Soffes

Sam is the VP of Engineering at Seesaw and Creator of Cheddar.

David Keegan

David is the lead iOS designer and developer at SignNow. He also dabbles on his own projects, most notably is Play by Play, the first Dribbble for Mac., which has been featured by Apple twice.

Netta Marshall

Netta is a designer, formerly for Rdio, a photographer and maker of things based in foggy San Francisco. She enjoys pulling rolls of film through a Hasselblad and strumming the guitar.

Bobby McKenna

Bobby is a graphic designer, illustrator, and Red-Blooded American Male. He is currently working as lead designer of Twitter's new video app, Vine.

Julien Renvoye

Julien is a visual and interactive web designer working at Mixpanel. He’s founded two of his own startups including Remixjobs, a popular job board for creatives in France.

Tim Mather

Tim is a UX designer at Disney Interactive, helping shape the future of Disney online. He's also the co-founder & designer of Untappd, a social discovery app for beer.

Garrett Gee

Garrett is the designer and founder of Scan. He lives in Provo, UT with his wife and daughter and plays collegiate soccer for BYU.

Tavish Calico

Tav is a freelance designer based in Southern California. His main focus is on creating attractive, heartfelt brands.

Kai Brach

Kai was a web designer of ten years before becoming a publisher of Offscreen magazine. He resides in Melbourne and periodically in Berlin.

Georgia Cowley

Georgia is a designer for Polygon at Vox Media.

Warren Schultheis

Warren is a designer for Polygon at Vox Media.

Ted Irvine

Ted is a designer for Polygon at Vox Media.

Brent Laverty

Brent is a designer for Polygon at Vox Media.

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What To Expect

Valio Con is the FUN conference. This is our third annual conference, and each year it gets better and better. Our goal is to inspire you to create and build amazing things.

The conference is on the beach in San Diego, California. We can think of no better place to connect with friends, old and new, than in a relaxed beach environment with inspiring talks from people doing amazing things and sunny walks on the warm sand.

You'll hear talks from people who are 'doers' and risk-takers. They'll be sharing their inspiring stories on how they've built their own products and services.

What's Included

Your ticket comes with a lot more than just entrance to the conference. You'll also get free breakfast and lunch each day! The official Valio Con 2013 t-shirt. A chance to win some cool stuff multiple times each day, like: an Apple TV, Nixon gear, Execute book, and a bunch more rad stuff. Tickets do NOT include a hotel stay, you must book that separately. We highly suggest the Catamaran.

We'll also be doing a bunch of fun activities, like: a Bonfire, an outdoor movie night on the sand with a 10ft. screen, 'Drink Night' with custom brewed beers and wines just for Valio Con, surfing, kayaking, a nightly cruise boat and a ton more!

Conference Will Be At The

Catamaran Resort

On The Beach • San Diego, California

Win A Company

From Execute Ventures

We're holding a contest and the winner get's their own, brand new, app & company!
The contest starts right now and the winner will be announced at the end of the conference. All you need to do is design an Email app for the Mac and submit your designs before the conference starts and you'll be entered. Judges at the conference will pick a winner. The winner will have a development team waiting for them, and two months later the app will launch into the app store. Click below to enter and see the full rules.

Enter Now


Subject to Change

The 'Kickoff Bonfire' will be happening at 8pm on Wednesday, June 5th. Be there!

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